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Since Minecraft has updated, none of the mods for 1.0.0 will be compatible. Once MCP updates, I will begin updating my mods. Please be patient. Thank you.

uNether 2.0c Released


Another small fix. This time makes Glowood Ladders climbable.

Thank you pwnedgod for the update! Click the button below to continue to the patches page.

Website Finished!


Well, now you get to see what I've been doing for the past three or so days! I feel like it turned out very well, considering I haven't made a full website in years. This was made entirely from scratch (minus the jQuery slideshow widget), but I've found that using Google Chrome to debug any issues and errors in my CSS and HTML made things 100% easier as a web designer. And this is the first time I've used Notepad++ when making a website, which obviously made things much easier as well.

This is a minor bug update to fix those darn invisible imps.

uSting v4.1 Released


This is a necessary update if you downloaded version 4.0, since the textures of all mantas would not appear (I detest two-word errors). Sorry about the wait.

uFloat v3.1 Released


Optional bug update for anyone who wanted to use the configuration file.

uSprite v4.0 Released


Definitely a must-have update! I've added a hook into ModLoader's addOverride method so that when you run out of item sprite indices, it will begin overriding one of nine other sprite sheets until they become full. This adds up to 2560 sprite indices, ten-times more than previously! Enjoy!

The SMP version of uTools has been updated to Minecraft 1.0.0. Thank you MasterDiety!