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Take a minute to think about the first and most important resource in Minecraft... The “Wood”, it is a real statement. Because if your not using SPC or TooManyItems, then wood is the first item you will need in Minecraft. No wood = no crafting table = no pick axe = no ores = nothing! Without wood, you can only build dirt houses. So to sum it all up, wood is the most precious resource in the game. But no Minecraft has only 3 types of wood right? Which can make only 1 type of planks. Quite sad? Well, not now! uChop also adds new golden apple trees and apple trees, which can be harvested by right-clicking a block with apples. Magicwood trees also come in handy since the tools made from it are as strong as iron (but less durable, of course)!

Video Demonstration

Version History

v16.1 - Fixed various bugs from Minecraft updates
v16.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
v15.0 - Updated to Beta 1.8.1
v14.4 - Fixed slabs and bone meal.
v14.3 - Actually fixed breaking animations.
v14.2 - Fixed texture issues. Compatibility with ID Resolver and MC Extended, and any other mods that use uu.class (Block.class).
v14.1 - Fixed textures of oak wood so they were correct, and weren't from another texture pack.
v14.0 - Update to Beta 1.7.2. New leaves will not burn again, since it was causing incompatibility with some other mods, mainly BetterThanWolves.
v13.1 - Added compatibility for Better Than Wolves, and added an alternate premwood.png file for people who want the old Purple Heartwood trees.