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Ever thought the Nether was dull and lifeless, even with the addition of Nether Dungeons? Ever want to live in the Nether without going back to the Surface? Then uNether is for you! Traverse challenging lands, dodge flaming projectile explosives, meet the native mobs and locals, and even collect valuable resources hidden across the vast plateaus of the Nether. Since there are so many items, blocks, mobs, and other features within this mod, you can go to my modding thread to view the full mod details.

Video Demonstration

Version History

v2.0c - Fixed ladders so they are climbable.
v2.0b - Fixed Imps not appearing
v2.0a - Fixed various bugs caused by MC updates.
v2.0 - Added ItemSpriteAPI usage and updated to 1.0.0.
v1.9b - Fixed issues with Netherrack Furnace.
v1.9 - No more Netherdirt, glowood trees are now on Netherrack. Spawn increased about 100%. Fire Slimes are no longer fire resistant, since they were causing issues with spawn rates.
v1.8b - Added Ghast Apocalypse mode to the config file (this is off by default). This mode is very arduous, and may cause extreme rage. You have been warned!
v1.8a - Fixes some bugs. Can't remember all of them though, lol.
v1.8 - Updated for Beta 1.6.6. Fixed torch, gloshrooms, ladder, and glosaplings so they only use a block, instead of a block and an item. Using ScotTools to make Smooth Netherrack burn. You MUST have ScotTools v8.0 or later to use this version!