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I always think to myself, "how did my very first released mod end up in the YogBox?" And then I realize that it doesn't matter! Either way, uRandom was my first Minecraft mod (which is the main reason I still update it, although I've begun liking uRandom, more and more) and it generates an ore, called Randomite, fairly commonly--about that of coal. When broken, this ore will drop one of the following items: coal, iron ore, gold ore, redstone, egg, or diamond. These drops are weighted by the commonness of the ore in the real world, to keep things balanced.

Video Demonstration

Version History

v7.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
v6.0 - Updated to Beta 1.7.3; Next update will finally add Lapis to the ore drop, and replacing the egg with a slime ball or two, since slime balls are hard to get and are very useful if you enjoy playing with Pistons.
v5.0 - Updated to Beta 1.6.6
v4.0 - Updated to Beta 1.5_01, changed ore generation to be somewhat lower
v3.0 - Updated to Beta 1.4_01, fixed the drop items and drop rates again
v2.0 - Updated to Beta 1.4, finally, but accidentally ported an old release, lol
v1.1 - Ore is slightly less common, and now drops diamond less, and coal more, etc. to keep it balanced =D
v1.0 - Initial Release; Beta 1.3_01