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No offense, but Notch's squids were very disappointing. They have no AI, no visual value, they become stuck in y-axis layers, and they are only useful if you want black wool. uSting adds mountable, tameable, feedable creatures: reef mantas. They, too, drop something valuable on death. Manta meat can be eaten (after it is cooked) while underwater to refill and greatly increase the duration of your breath.

Video Demonstration

List of Features

Mantas spawn randomly in oceans and water
These creatures come in four different varieties (textures).
Adult Mantas will drop 1-2 Manta Meat and an egg, while babies will drop only 1 piece of Manta Meat
Cooked Manta Meat can be used to breathe underwater about 5 times longer than usual (must be used while already underwater. Going above water will reset this)
Mantas can be tamed using a cooked fish
After about 10 minutes, Mantas will become hungry, and rise to the surface, jump, and bubble
Use another cooked fish to feed it again
You can right-click a tame Manta to mount it and ride it
You can ride untamed Mantas, but you cannot control them
Tame Mantas that are adults have the ability to lay eggs
Right-click a Tame Adult Manta with a piece of Flint to make it stay
Eggs will start moving after about 4 minutes in the water
Once an egg hatches, a baby will spawn. You need to feed the Baby Manta for it to grow
Baby Mantas will become a tame adult after one full MC day. These babies cannot be ridden
Riding a Manta that is hungry will go about 50% the speed of a full Manta
Mantas cannot hold a human at the surface of the water for a very long time, and will fall back down to the ocean floor from exhaustion, but will quickly rise back up when told

Version History

v4.1 - Corrected texture problems, along with major code-cleanup
v3.0 + v4.0 - Simply updates
v2.0 - Updated for Beta 1.7.3, lowered spawn rates slightly.