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Don't you just hate that swamp biome... 'water?' Wouldn't you rather have smooth, realistic water colors? uWater changes the color of water using an algorithm to check for the temperature and humidity of each block of water, then converts it to a coordinate to be used with an image. That image contains the color that the water should be in that climate. Put simply, it makes water, grass, and leaves look great and adds to the visual atmosphere of Minecraft. You may turn off grass, leaves, and/or water coloring via the configuration file, as well.


Version History

v1.0 [NEW] - Added grass and leaf biome coloring.
v4.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
v3.0 - Finally does not require any other mods to work correctly! This should still work with Optimine/Optifog HD, but I have not tested it yet.
v2.0 - Update for Beta 1.7.3
v1.1 - Fixed lava from turning green. Added a different way for users to use the custom water, instead of requiring them to use a texture pack.
v1.0 - Initial Release for Beta 1.6.6