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What is your favorite thing to kill on any video game? There's a fairly good chance that it's either zombies, or (for all of the Skyrim players out there) dragons. What's the best weapon to kill a zombie with? That's right! A ray gun! The idea and texture were taken from Call of Duty's: World at War Nazi Zombie's minigame, and even includes Element 151, a rare resource found in meteors. This ore will spawn in layers 32 and below, and each ore drops between three and five pieces of Element 151.

Video Demonstration

Version History

v6.0 - Updated to 1.0.0
v5.0 - Update to Beta 1.7.3
v4.2 - Added harvesting level required to mine Element 115 to iron. I meant to add this last time.
v4.1 - Update to Beta 1.6.5
v4.0 - Update to Beta 1.6.4
v3.1 - Changed lots of the recipes. Check the recipes spoiler for details. Also changed a few recipes to include Tainted Iron, which is like alloying iron and element 115, and can upgrade the Raygun. Canister recipes also yield 2, instead of 1.
v3.0 - Added a new Advanced Ray Gun. Deals about twice as much damage as the old one, which deals less damage now.