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How to Generate an Error Report

With one simply file, you can get ninety percent of the information that a modder needs to help you fix your problem or understand which mod is conflicting. To get an error report, follow these steps:
Step 1 - Download the error test file (download link can be found below)
Step 2 - Unzip the file using an archiving program
Step 3 - Open the folder and double-click the file
Step 4 - Make the error or crash happen
Step 5 - Copy and paste the error report and post a reply via Minecraft Forums (thread link at top of page)

Download ErrorTest.bat

Common Errors

Below are some of the most common errors, and the resolutions of such. Please check this Q&A before posting an error on the forum thread. Thank you!

Q: Block Texture of leaves and logs are white!!!
A: Go to Minecraft's main menu and click the texture pack you are using, or if you are not using a texture pack, click "Default", even if it is already selected. Click done and start your game.

Q: Minecraft crashes when I use picks on blocks!
A: Reinstall ScotTools

Q: Error: No more empty terrain indices left!
A: You have too many mods that add new textures

Q: Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ItemCustomAxe/ItemCustomPickaxe/ItemCustomSpade/etc.
A: You did not install ScotTools

Q: I have Itemsprite API and forge installed, my textures are screwy!
A: Forge and Itemsprite API both modify the same base classes to do the same things, however the game will still load. If there is a patch available, install it. If not, you're outta luck!

A: They aren't bugged. Due to technical issues, the colored chests were removed, instead of adding several block IDs for each color of the chests.

Q: How does i get old versions?
A: Around the top left of any of the downloads, there should be a link labelled 'browse scokeev9's other shared files'. Click that, then browse for the version you want!

Q: Please use forge in your mods!
A: Currently there aren't solid plans to convert to Forge, although some users have released compatibility patches for Forge.

Configuration Files

All of my mods have a config file that you can use to edit block IDs and item IDs using Notepad or the similar. Go to your .minecraft folder and open the folder named 'config.' Then, find the .cfg file corresponding to the mod you would like to edit. There also may be extra options (i.e. Ghast Apocalypse Mode in NetherCraft) that you can alter as well. If you need any help, feel free to post here, and I will try to help to the best of my ability. Please do not PM me with help, as I try to reply to everyone who posts on the forum thread.