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May I Axe a Question?

There's not much to say about this mod, though it's probably the one mod I always use, even if it isn't required by a mod I'm using. uTools, formerly ScotTools, changes the way tools work so they check a block's material to determine whether that tool is capable of quickly breaking that block. Even blocks that are added from mods that don't use uTools will still...

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N33d M04r 5pr1t3s?

So you're browsing through the Minecraft Mods section of Minecraft Forums, rumaging through to find the best of the best, like NetherCraft, More Creeps and Weirdos, Mo'Creatures, and others. You begin installing all required mods, the actual mods, then run your handy errortest.bat, just to run into another 'no more empty item sprite inidices!' error. Well...

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Bring to the Amazon

Show those pesky vines, leaves, and lily pads who is boss! Grab a machete and start slashing! uSlash adds six different machetes, the five vanilla-Minecraft-materials (wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond; in case you are a newbie), and a special machete. The slime machete--crafted with two slime balls in a diagonal direction--can be used against enemies as a weapon, but also...

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You'll Nether Want to Leave

Ever thought the Nether was dull and lifeless, even with the addition of Nether Dungeons? Ever want to live in the Nether without going back to the Surface? Then uNether is for you! Traverse challenging lands, dodge flaming projectile explosives, meet the native mobs and locals, and even collect valuable resources hidden across the vast plateaus of the Nether, all while...

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I Have PremiumWood. Do You?

Take a minute to think about the first and most important resource in Minecraft... The “Wood”, it is a real statement. Because if your not using SPC or TooManyItems, then wood is the first item you will need in Minecraft. No wood = no crafting table = no pick axe = no ores = nothing! Without wood, you can only build dirt houses. So to sum all of that up, wood...

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Did Somebody Say "Zombies?"

What is your favorite thing to kill on any video game? There's a fairly good chance that it's either zombies, or (for all of the Skyrim players out there) dragons. What's the best weapon to kill a zombie with? That's right! A ray gun! The idea and texture were taken from Call of Duty's: World at War Nazi Zombie's minigame, and even includes Element 151, a rare resource...

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What Water Should Look Like

Don't you just hate that swamp biome... 'water?' Wouldn't you rather have smooth, realistic water colors? uWater changes the color of water using an algorithm to check for the temperature and humidity of each block of water, then converts it to a coordinate to be used with an image. That image contains the color that the water should be, and there...

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Long-term Farming

Well, you've cleaning out a sixteen-by-sixteen chunk area of all of it's non-renewable resources, but you've built your kingdom and city upon said region. What should you do? Try uRegen! This will cause ores to regen in a long period of time, anywhere from one minute to one full, 24hr non-Minecraft day, and has a weighted chance dependant of the ore's value...

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Epic Floating Islands Built for You

Epicness is just a trait given to anything massive, original, awe-striking, or jaw-dropping. uFloat's custom land generation (coded entirely by Hogofwar) fits all of these attributes! With customizable land mass size, automatic size variation, and configurable frequency, you'll never get tired of the beauty and awe of these islands! Again, this mod was not created by...

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Try to Guess What You'll Get

I always think to myself, "how did my very first released mod end up in the YogBox?" And then I realize that it doesn't matter! Either way, uRandom was my first Minecraft mod (which is the main reason I still update it, although I've begun liking uRandom, more and more) and it generates an ore, called Randomite, fairly commonly--about that of coal. When broken...

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Let It Snow!

Snow in Minecraft always bothered me, since it was always the same depth no matter how long it had been snowing (although, water bothers me too, but DJoslin's FiniteLiquid already fixes that and does a wonderful job, too). uSnow changes certain properties of winter, snow, and other cold things, such as ice dropping ice and/or water, torches melting...

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Flying in the Ocean

No offense, but Notch's squids were very disappointing. They have no AI, no visual value, they become stuck in y-axis layers, and they are only useful if you want black wool. uSting adds mountable, tameable, feedable creatures: reef mantas. They, too, drop something valuable on death. Manta meat can be eaten while underwater to refill and ...

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